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The story weaves together striking feature-film style re-enactments, vivid footage of great Islamic architecture, scenes of Spainís beautiful landscapes, and analysis by world-class historians...
  Zeina Zeina Azzam Seikaly
Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Georgetown University
The students liked the dramatic features of the film... It reinforced a lot of what they had learned and gave them more information. We were able to extend the discussion to how the Islamic scholars in Spain influenced the renaissance in Europe.
  Arjunia Oakley
High School Teacher
At a time when ninety-nine percent of the Christian people were wholly illiterate, the Islamic city of Cordova had eight hundred public schools, and there was not a village within the limits of the empire where the blessings of education could not be enjoyed by the children of the most indigent peasant ...
  S.P. Scott in The History of the Islamic Empire in Europe  
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Islamic Spain, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Reconquista are standard topics in world history, world geography, and world cultures in middle and high schools at the national and state levels.

UPF offers teachers the opportunity to enhance students' understanding of Medieval Spain offering quality teaching material.

UPF invited a team of educators to develop 13 lesson plans for Cities of Light that meet specific national teaching standards for both required and elective courses.

This website also provides other resources, such as commonly used terminology of the period, related website links and recommended readings. There is a site map to provide additional reference material.

The lesson plan and website can be used in conjuction with viewing the nationally broadcast 2 hour PBS special Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain.

Cities of Light DVD for Social Studies

If you are a social studies teacher, this is a unique learning experience for your students.

The United States Institute of Peace and the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art are funding this special opportunity as part of a research effort to explore students' understanding of tolerance and pluralism through the lens of world history, using segments of the Cities of Light film.

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